This site was developed to support the Government 2.0 Taskforce, which operated from June to December 2009. The Government responded to the Government 2.0 Taskforce's report on 3 May 2010. As such, comments are now closed but you are encouraged to continue the conversation at


You can keep up to date with latest content from the Taskforce through the RSS feeds and email subscriptions listed on this page.

RSS Feeds

RSS feeds allow you to tell when a website or part of a website has been updated. Many modern web browsers and mail clients are capable of receiving RSS feeds. There are also a number of widely available RSS aggregators that will allow you to subscribe to RSS feeds.

Listed below are a number of RSS feeds providing updates about the Taskforce or its activities.

Taskforce IdeaScale page


Taskforce Calendar Email Subscriptions

Listed below are several links that will allow you to receive email updates whenever the relevant content has been updated.